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Dreams 2017

I like to start a mobile art school. And an Urbanartmuseum.
I like to make new form for art. Sculptures. Installation photos and exhibition with political themes.

I like a wife. A supporting wife.

In work but also about my politic interest.

I like to marry. For the first time in my life.
I like to marry and stay with my wife for ever. In good and in bad.
I dont beliewe we will only find happines and lucky everyday.
I think we will find a lot of problems and bad as well.
The most important is to support and help no matter good/bad. And never give up.
I like to take care of my wife. I like her to give me 3 children and we raise them togheter.
I like us to have the kids within 5-6 years. Im not looking for love or only women. I like family. If we dont pregnant we will never marry. We can still be friends maybe but Im not romantic only looking for GF.
Age and look dont matter as long as my wife is serious, generous, educated, humble, relaxed, strong and show care for family and friends. And society. I like my women to show she cares. I like us to share everything and both work hard no matter. I dont like violant women. She can never hit kids or me. Thats the only situation I will accdtually leave her. She should not anger to much.
Sex is not important. Only for #### and make children. Love is not important only carrying and sleeping togheter every night. And never give up eachother.

We will have our own work, friends and privacy as individual but alsa a developed life togheter. Its important we also have a lot in common. Like common friends and hobbies. I like to go on motorbike and boat holiday with my wife. I like to bicycle long way with wife and kids. I like to take divin license with my wife. And a lot of other things.

My wife need to handle stress and wierd artistic behavior and she need to handle complicated situations. With me there will be very easy-going life and sometime very complicated. My wife need to be open.

I like to plan for my family. I like to take care of them all. I work hard only for making good life for my family. All my kids will go to university and get the possibilities to create a good life. I like to plan also togheter with my wife. And I like her to plan as well. I love if she make surprise and I will try hard in every situation for her. We will have a life full of experience and never boring.
We help getting and saving money. We work. And we help with everything at home. Cleaning, cooking, washing etc.
I like my wife and me togheter save money and get the house/living we like both. Maybe 2 different in differant city/country. I will support my wife in every chioce she make about job and study. And I like her to support me.
I like us to avoid negative like lies, flirting others, evil behavior like revenge, drinking and smoking to much, anger about nonsense etc. Never drugs. I like my wife and me trying to be good and positive. Focus on the good side of life.
I like to think free about everything in my life. And I hope I can share with my wife. It could be about politics, religion, society, privacy etc. I like open intellectual free attitude and no stop talk about moral aspects or religious limitations. I love freedoom of speach and our rights to think and speak free any subject. If my wife dont like its still ok but i think our life togheter is better if we can be open minded togheter.
I will never leave my wife. And I will take care of all my children.
I will try to understand my wife. To listen to her. To accept and forgive. I will support and try to make her feel good and strong if she feel down and sad. I do anything to solve anykind of problems that might happen her. I like her to do the same for me. If my wife do bad to me I will try not to do the same. If I do bad I will try not to repeat. I will try to make our relation stabil and good for every member.

I did have 2 relations before. I did not leave. I only like 1 more relation in life and I like it to last for ever. I will not leave if I promise to stay. I have 4 kids and I took care of them all. It means I will keep doing the same with my new kids. I will always be there for all of them. My dream is that I love my wife a lot and she also feel love and also show that for me.
But a good life is never just based on love. <3

In fact I already have everything I can ever dream about. I have perfect job, amazing studios in 2 cities, a nice flat, good holidays and fantastic kids and they all healthy and strong. I do travel a lot and I meet a lot of kind people from all around the world.

But ofcourse it would be lovely to share life with someone close. Hopefully someone special.
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