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"HAUNTED" preformed by Beyonce
(softy playing in background )
I began experimenting with binaural beats self hypnosis therepy immediately I’ve noticed it does relax me which is awesome because I tend to be more than a little stressed out about everything, I’ve listened to the audio tracks for about an hour all togethe so far. Last night I dreamt of 1st a wedding announcement which I contribute to an old friends announcements on facebook. I didn’t write down immediately after I woke so please forgive me, I’m trying to remember. It was in a setting where it was for lack of a better word quaint soft brown soft light filtered through glass I was generally happy comfortable not elated but chill surrounded by unfamiliar familiar faces feelings my life has been hard this last year losing friends money lovers one after the other my health was in question all this I contribute to stress anyway back on topic. I remember seeing a pair of rose gold glasses fall it was slow I didn’t try to catch them I noticed the lens where tinted a crimson color the floor or table was covered in dust the light glinted from them an Erie familiar feeling I felt wonder I could feel doubt but u just let it go then scene shift to stairs it’s aliitle darker now in contrast two women girls really but women they should be girls Mrs K and Mrs J from high school what I thought why am I dreaming of them ? Kinda of confused I walked past smiled as if to keep walking but Mrs J caught my arm I instinctively turn around she caressed me soft like massage soft It felt like skin on skin but I was wearing a shirt they were speaking their lips were moving but no sound both of them were similar full lips about my height long hair straight teeth tounge not protruding out like Miley Cyrus but clearly visible behind there teeth gaped mouths seductive wet flirtatious our faces close talking again no sound like lovers speak then I caught myself time to go and then Mrs K caught my lips soft just a taste maybe a split second but the touch lingered in awoke suddenly the faint golden light replaced by stark darkness the drop e of my fan reality hit me hard but I could still feel her kiss my lips tingle from the memory....
I remember feeling like this, Haunted , ghost in the sheets , desire wanting yearning, wicked, something nefarious carnal rich with salitiousness desire the thin line of lust and love
Through the binary beats I noticed I am relaxed and music has a better qality my mind doest wonder as much
Love I think that’s what my hearts desire is love and being wanted not needed....quiet
Is this hell?
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