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Passion (fiction) or whatever2
szukam kawalera 37-42 lat z kraju lub zagranicy na stałe2
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Passion (fiction) or whatever2
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OggettoHouse dog
MessaggioLife will change if you meet the right owner .. Same as the boy and girl .. Life is change if you meet the right one .. Life is happy if you meet the right chemical.. Zaa , my handsome Lab is very lucky to meet me and I lucky to have him..

Coming soon
Autore: Veenia data di creazione: 21.04.2017, 07:49:17Testo completo

OggettoDreams 2017
MessaggioI like to start a mobile art school. And an Urbanartmuseum.
I like to make new form for art. Sculptures. Installation photos and exhibition with political themes.

I like a wife. A supporting wife.

In work but also about my politic interest.

I like to marry. For the first time in my life.
I like to marry and stay with my wife for ever. In good and in bad.
I dont beliewe we will only find happines and lucky everyday.
I think we will find a lot of problems and bad ...
Autore: Parra data di creazione: 18.04.2017, 18:35:57Testo completo

OggettoPassion (fiction) or whatever
Messaggio"Do you trust me?" I say softly in her ear. Kiss her forehead and hold her close, allow myself to be carried away by the smell of her perfume. Our bodies are close, warm. I pull the bow of her belt loosening the coat she was wearing. It falls open revealing her body wrapped in a tight fitting dress I brush her cheek with my right hand allowing my thumb to caress her lip. She parts her lips and let’s out a strained exhale. And looks me in the eyes. Her pupils widen, her ...
Autore: OSHEY data di creazione: 16.11.2016, 16:03:48Testo completo

OggettoPassion (fiction) or whatever
Messaggio"HAUNTED" preformed by Beyonce
(softy playing in background )
I began experimenting with binaural beats self hypnosis therepy immediately I’ve noticed it does relax me which is awesome because I tend to be more than a little stressed out about everything, I’ve listened to the audio tracks for about an hour all togethe so far. Last night I dreamt of 1st a wedding announcement which I contribute to an old friends announcements on facebook. I didn’t ...
Autore: OSHEY data di creazione: 16.11.2016, 15:54:51Testo completo

OggettoIssan Woman
MessaggioSince the 1st day I laid eyes on you, the 1st time I heard your voice, I have been hopelessly infaluably in love with you. " when the sun dies and the stars fade from view ., through the distance and the cold depths of space. Our love will remain real and true" I’ve been scared of commitment because it always meant an enevitable end. We argue not because we don’t love each other, but because we have love for each other as silly as it is. Wanting to talk wanting to be ...
Autore: OSHEY data di creazione: 16.11.2016, 15:53:04Testo completo

OggettoDengue Woman
MessaggioI’ve been lead astray I really thought she....cared? For me , that she was from heaven but the more I read the word of God the more I understand how perverse and twisted she was (kinky #### I only say because I don’t know her anymore maybe she changed. I feel like such a fool for stopping my growth for allowing this human person to fill my mind and heart with doubt for bringing even more sin into my life for turning my back on God and all God has done for me for what ? Pleasure ...
Autore: OSHEY data di creazione: 16.11.2016, 15:51:34Testo completo

OggettoPassion (fiction) or whatever
Messaggio"Love is easy in gardens ,stimulated by beautiful ornaments and beauty products . It takes place in nature , beneath arbors to the sound of the lute and so on." Kama sutra

I often day dream about camping getting back close to nature moon lit nights and the open air shedding my urban skin and getting back to the essence of life. I don’t particularly like make up it distorts destroys the beauty of skin I knew a woman who didn’t need it at all beautiful smooth skin ...
Autore: OSHEY data di creazione: 16.11.2016, 15:49:40Testo completo

Oggettolibertinage + mariage
Messaggioje suis une personne libertin , très sérieux instruit de nature calme pas trop bavard sans tabou j’aime les voyages la correspondance la découverte de d’autre cultures .
je cherche une femme du même profil pour une vie commune .
Autore: abdelkader data di creazione: 29.10.2016, 19:01:45Testo completo

OggettoWife/Girlfriend needed
MessaggioHi.. If u wana know me plz call me. We will have great time knowing each other. 01837579350
Must be a simple girl needes as life partner. Must belong from good family, and can adjust in a rich highly social family
Autore: Tasin Shadman data di creazione: 12.06.2016, 09:47:48Testo completo

Oggettoszukam kawalera 37-42 lat z kraju lub zagranicy na stałe
Messaggiopanna mieszkam w Polsce mam 40 lat szukam bezdzietnego kawalera domatora 37-42 lat powyzej 170 cm z kraju wsi zagranicy na stałe ####
Autore: weronika data di creazione: 11.06.2016, 23:37:35Testo completo

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